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The piano duo »tastiera armonica« was founded by two sisters Angelika Maria Eysermans and Eva Elisabeth Schreyer-Puls in 2008. Since the group's formation the sisters have given successful concerts in Germany and Switzerland. The subtle acoustic dynamic of both pianists is instantly felt and their inspiring musical dialogue creates an impressive concert event.

Their unique artistic personalities are connected by a uniform music comprehension so that four hands merge to create a combined sound. Their repertoire includes quintessential four-handed piano literature of the Viennese classics, the 19th century and the French Impressionists in addition to others.

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Klavierduo tastiera armonica - Angelika Maria Eysermans (Diplom-Musiklehrerin Klavier und Pianistin, Leipzig, Deutschland) und Eva Elisabeth Schreyer-Puls (Zofingen, Schweiz) - Repertoire: Pachelbel, Bach, Mozart, Grieg, Albeniz, Brahms, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Arensky, Tschaikowski, Debussy, Ravel, Français, Saint-Saëns, Internationale Konzerte und Konzerttätigkeit
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